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Rediscovering The True Self

Rediscovering The True Self

Ingeborg Bosch
revised edition 2007
ISBN: 90-807-0491-1

Price: €32,50

This book, in which the renewed therapy developed by Bosch, called P.R.I., is presented, is of essential importance to anyone who wants to improve the quality of his or her life.
To my knowledge, P.R.I. is the first therapy that gives equal attention to behavioural as well as cognitive and emotional elements, while simultaneously placing these insights in a wider existential framework.
Jean Jenson, author of Reclaiming your Life, in her introduction.

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By means of the original additions to the ideas of her predecessors - Alice Miller and Jean Jenson - Bosch has developed a new psychotherapy with a clearly distinguished theory and method. P.R.I. deserves a specific place amongst the other forms of psychotherapy. It is a new way to integrate a traumatic past in to the here and now of every day life and to feel better as a result.
Dr. Marc Nevejan, psychiatrist - psychotherapist

"(...) I feel more calm and balanced. Finally I realize what my past has been and how it has made me what I am today. Finally I am myself".

Backcover Rediscovering the true selfThe author concentrates on explaining how the therapy works and what we can do to lower our defences and begin the process of feeling our early traumas. She describes the theoretical aspects of her therapy in many different ways so that the reader approaches the material repeatedly and for this reason should have a good understanding of what the therapy is about.


As an adult who holds a degree in socio-psychology, I have always been highly sceptical about the expertise, professionalism and commitment of all therapists. Also I have found most books on self development to be superficial and mostly about providing the authors with a living. Rediscovering The True Self by Ingeborg Bosch and Reclaiming Your Life by Jean Jenson are the first books in 20-plus years of seeking that resonate with my own overtly abusive family life experience providing me with the tools to address the overt and covert abuse inflicted upon me by my parents. For the first time in my life I see an opportunity to cast off the enduring effects of my parents' abusive actions. I would recommend, indeed, preach, the efficacy of Ingeborg Bosch's book to all people who live with an underlying, all pervasive feeling that something is not right in their lives.
V. King, London, UK

A search for truth and healing. New insights combined with a comprehensive self-healing program.

Rediscovering The True Self
Ingeborg Bosch Bonomo
ISBN: 90-807-0491-1
Price: € 32,50

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