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Test to recognise Defenses

Defence distinction test

Take this test to see how well you are able to recognize the 5 defenses (5 D’s). If you find that you can correctly discern which defence is manifesting through a certain behaviour, thought or emotion, you can proceed to Phase 1 of the programme. If however you find that you are having difficulty recognizing which one of the 5 D’s is present, please read appendix 2 - further explanation and examples of the 5 defenses. If you feel a need to get more info you can (re)read ‘Rediscovering the true self” and “PRI, 3 steps to mastering the art of conscious living”.

Please read the following statements and note whether you think they represent Denial of Needs, False Hope, False Power, Primary Defense or Fear.

1. I can’t help trying to explain my spiritual experiences to my husband even after he has made it clear that he can’t and won’t understand.

2. I have to help her, if I give up she won’t make it.

3. I’m always doing my best to be nice so I won’t get in to trouble with her.

4. I always feel inferior at work with my colleagues. I’m inhibited during meetings to say what is really on my mind.

5. I’m often panicking when I have to speak in front of a group.

6. I can’t stand how stupid these people are. Why don’t they do their homework and prepare properly?

7. I’m sure nobody really cares whether I’m there or not, I never have anything interesting to say anyway.

8. I just don’t want to be bothered when I come home from work, I want to read my newspaper, watch sports, have a beer and relax.

9. It’s fine if my friends forget my birthday. Hey, I’ll have a good time anyway.

10. The world has become a bad place, people can’t be trusted and they only think of themselves anyway.

11. I always get blamed, I hate them for doing that to me.

12. I can manage by myself. I have to, nobody else will do it for me.

13. It’s useless to dig into the past, it’s over. Put it behind you and go on with your life.

14. I always take on too much responsibility and hope they will appreciate me, but I wonder if they really notice.

15. My childhood was the way it was because I chose it to be like that. It is my karma. I’m grateful to my parents for the abuse.

Answers Defense Distinction test:

1.FH, 2. FH, 3. FH, 4. PD, 5. Fear,

6. FP, 7. PD, 8. DN, 9. DN, 10. FP,

11. FP, 12. FP, 13. DN, 14. FH, 15. DN.