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Sex- and Relationship problems

In many cases, a relationship begins with love, but after a while you may not feel that original love no more or less often. For example, problems or doubts around sexuality arise. Maybe you have a well-oiled Family & Co organization, but with a lack of real contact and emotional connection. This has a major impact on your life, on your partner’s life and also on your children’s life.

You are not alone

It's cold comfort, but you are no exception: practice and research (unfortunately) have shown that most relationships are in a dismal state. Around 40% of marriages end up in a divorce. And what about the quality of the relationships in marriages that 'persevere' despite everything ... So it's not crazy if you don’t feel comfortable anymore in your relationship and need help.

How to (re-)discover and never lose each other again

Returning to the love you had in the beginning of your relationship; longing for each other, interested in each other's activities, enjoying sex, really living together, connected. It seems like a utopia, but it is relatively easy to rediscover the love you once had. The main key is your emotional connection: trust in one another, sharing your feelings and awareness of your emotional blockages. To work on it together (which is not so difficult) also provides an immediate positive impact on your sexual relationship. The only condition is that you are both willing to do the work.
How to tackle this together, Ingeborg Bosch describes this extensively in her new book ‘Our Love, how to release the inner joy and romance in our relationships.’

PRI and love

PRI helps you to increase awareness of your emotional blockages. The blockages that prevent you from connecting to yourself and the ones you love. It shows you how you look at your partner through the lens of your earliest childhood experiences, so much so that you actually do not see him or her for what he or she is. Your partner does the same with you. You will start to see how it damages your relationship. When you become aware of how this distorts your image of the other person, you can rediscover each other and the love which was there at the beginning, and that will turn out to still be there in many cases.

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