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PRI Relationship Therapy

To retrieve the love that was there in the beginning, is what PRI Relationship therapy is about. In many cases, it is less difficult than the conflicts and emotional alienation seem to suggest. To be close to each other again, to want to make love to each other again, to resolve conflicts, to feel the love flowing again. Who does not want that? PRI Relationship therapy, through a tailored combination of individual and joint sessions, gives you the optimal chance to examine and break through personal and joint blockages. You will discover how your individual pasts create a distorted perception of each other. And how, underneath these blockages that have developed over the years, your source of love is still there!

By certified PRI therapists, and PRI therapists in training. Usually there are two sessions per month. Those sessions last one hour (individual) or two hours (joint).

The Netherlands, Belgium

The rates vary between 95€ and 125€ per hour, including the intake interview. In Belgium other rates may be applicable, please ask the therapist for a quotation.

Insurance coverage
Insurance coverages varies from PRI therapist to PRI therapist. For more information, please consult the details of each therapist or the website of your health insurance.

To apply
The application is a thorough process. It will take you some time. If you are sure you want to apply, please click ‘apply’. Would you prefer to contact a therapist first? This is also possible!

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Good to know:

  • For the sake of clarity: only therapists who are listed on this website have followed the official training to become a PRI therapist or are in an advanced stage of training.