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Personal coaching

Personal coaching

Quite often employers are prepared to invest in personal coaching to benefit an employee when:

  • An employee wants to work on his or her personal development without there being an immediate threat of illness or diminished functionality.¹
  • An employee wishes to improve his or her level of competence in the field of teamwork skills, workload management, stress, conflict handling, giving or taking leadership, and so on.¹
  • There is a possible threat of long-term illness, excessive stress or a burn-out.²
  • When illness is already a fact.²

In all of these cases having a series of PRI-coaching sessions can be very effective. The therapist determines the contents of the coaching sessions in collaboration with the client. The privacy on behalf of the client is guaranteed. Usually when an employer or the HR department of a company is approached by an employee with the request for personal coaching, for the above reasons, financial funds are available.

  1. Employers quite often have a budget for development and education.
  2. Financing can also run through other funds that are accessible to employers, for instance, re-integration projects.

PRI-coaching is done by PRI therapists who are in training with Ingeborg Bosch, or have concluded their training. Coaching is now availablein several areas in the Netherlands. We will try and place you with a therapist who, firstly, will be able to help you with your specific needs and, secondly, works closest to where you live.

Number of sessions needed: A first cycle of 20 weekly or fortnightly sessions with a potential follow-up series of another 20 sessions if necessary. If you are self-employed it is also possible to apply for coaching.

Send your application for coaching to the PRI-website.
Please describe:

  • why you seek coaching and with what you need help with. If applicable, describe any therapy you have had in the past and use of medication now or in the past,
  • any contra-indications,
  • the region/city in which you live and/or work,
  • whether or not you need an quotation. If you do, please also give us your employer's details and the e-mail address that we need to send the quotation to.

You will receive a message outlining the options for PRI coaching.

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(e.g. the coaching costs are fully tax-deductible as training costs)


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