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Intensive therapy

Intensive therapy

Ingeborg Bosch only has a limited number of places available for Intensive therapy every year. The sessions take place in the south of France (26400).

The Intensive involves a series of 5 individual therapy sessions of 1,5 hours each which takes place within one week. Intensives focus on the following:

  • Exploring and making sure you fully understand your unmet childhood needs, many of which you will have suppressed.
  • Explaining the PRI-concepts in relation to your specific needs.
  • Identifying the symbols and defences you use to stop you from feeling your old pain.
  • Outlining a plan to turn around the defence that you use to avoid the painful old reality so that you gain access to your old pain and can start to de-identify yourself from your symbols and defences.
  • Giving practice homework when applicable.
  • Enabling childhood feelings to emerge through your repression and denial when possible.
  • Sending you back with a plan for continued autonomous application.

The unconscious survival mechanisms make it difficult to apply these seven steps on your own and, unless you diligently apply your “plan for self-work” that will have been put together during the Intensive, these defence mechanisms will also try to undermine your progress. It is possible that you will need some follow-up therapy sessions on an incidental basis or a more structured approach of PRI therapy sessions over a longer period of time.

It would be best not to have any commitments at all on the days on which the therapy sessions take place. This is not because it would not be possible to have any obligations, it is rather that the effect of the Intensive will be affected if the feelings that are surfacing to enable you to deal with them need not be suppressed by other commitments on that moment.

After the Intensive it is possible to have follow-up sessions with a PRI therapist. If it becomes clear during the Intensive that therapy on the basis of weekly or two-weekly sessions will be necessary then a referral will take place. 

Table: Intensive therapy
Conducted by Ingeborg Bosch
Location Drôme (26) (1 hour from Lyon airport, 20 min. van TGV-station in Valence, 1000 km from Utrecht)
Waiting List 9-12 months
Fee € 2.640,00 (tariff 2020)
Language Dutch, English and French


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