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Individual therapy

Individual therapy

The demand for individual PRI therapy is huge and increasing. To enable us to accommodate this we work through an online referral procedure which is as thorough as possible while still workable. Outlined below are the steps to take if you want to apply for individual PRI therapy. All PRI-therapists mentioned on this website are in training or have been trained by Ingeborg Bosch herself.

Note : PRI sessions possible by telephone or via Skype, please contact the PRI-therapist of your choice for more information. In general there is one session per two weeks.

  • Step 1. check for possible contra-indications
    Firstly consult the list of contra-indications in order to find out if our PRI-therapists in training can handle your personal needs and requirements for therapy.
    If you recognise one or more contra-indications as (possibly) part of your problems then some caution is in order. It could be that the therapists who are not yet certified are at this moment not advanced enough to deal with these particular requirements. Although PRI actually can be a very effective therapy for these problems, the treatment itself requires a lot of experience. So - if you do recognise one or more of the contra-indications we advise you to contact only certified PRI-therapists.
  • Step 2. choose a PRI- therapist
    All official PRI-therapists are listed on this website. You can select a therapist based on their location, the available language for therapy and the length of their waiting list.
  • Step 3. fill in the form to request PRI-Therapy
    Please provide answers to all the questions. We realise that this is not a small task, however it is very important that we get this information to enable us to gauge your request and needs correctly. This is of the utmost importance for proper progress in your therapy. Please also pay attention to the 'provisio', this is to protect the interests of both yourself and the therapist. 
    • If you are in doubt if PRI therapy is right for you, please select a therapist (see step 2.) and submit your questions. The therapist will reply to your query.
  • Stap 4. Send the form
    Your request will be sent through the website directly to the therapist of your choice. Your information will be treated as strictly confidential. Only the selected therapist will see the information.

After receipt of the information the therapist of your choice will contact you to make an appointment for an intake.

Tabel: Individuele therapie
Conducted by Therapists in training and certified therapists
Location The Netherlands, Belgium, France or by telephone/skype
Waiting time Varies by therapist (See Overview therapists)
Price indication In the Netherlands most PRI therapists in training will charge around € 95.- per hour. Most certified PRI therapists will charge around € 125.- per hour. In other countries the fee can be different, please contact the PRI therapist for more detailed information.