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Professional Training Program

Professional Training Program (PTP)

If there are enough foreign particpants, this 4-year training will be available to all English speaking therapists, worldwide.

Below you will find the description of the first Module of the International Professional Training to become a PRI therapist.

Starting date
January 2018

South of France - Drôme province, 20 minutes from the Valence TGV station

# of participants
± 10 - 15 trainees

Module 1
3 plenary weeks (each 4 days) per year - Spring, early Summer and Autumn (France), 10 subgroup days once a month (Netherlands), 4 plenary meetings (Netherlands).

12 months per module

Admission requirements
Completion of PRI-Introductory Workshop and preferably PRI therapy. The duration of learning therapy ² depends on this.

Dutch (or English if there are foreign participants)

€ 5 960,- (0% BTW) per module (fee 2017)

Group leaders
Drs Ingeborg Bosch en Drs Lenneke van Hastenberg, pyschologist/PRI-trainer/PRI-therapist

If you are interested in the Professional Trainings Program (PTP) it is necessary to participate in the PRI Introductory Workshop. After the PRI introductory Workshop (IW) you can apply for the Professional Trainings Program (PTP).

Good to know

  • After completing Module 1 successfully, it is possible to partake in Module 2, the second PTP training year. Year 2 has the same structure as year 1, and so has year 3. Every Module is given in a group of approximately 8 people.
  • If you want to partake in the PTP and you've had positive results following therapy with the help of a PRI® therapist, you might need little to no learning therapy. However, if you enter the PTP with little client experience (e.g. only from the Intensive), a learning therapy of approximately 40 sessions on average will be necessary.
  • All participants in the PTP will be trained by Ingeborg Bosch for a shorter or longer period, depending on the results of their process during the PTP.