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Introductory Workshop

PRI Introductory Workshop for professionals

If there are enough foreign participants, the PRI Introduction Workshops can be held in English.

Besides an introduction to the most important therapeutic tools of the PRI-therapist, this workshop is the first step in the selection for the international training to become a PRI-therapist. For those who wish to be trained as a PRI-therapist it is possible, after the workshop, to submit their application for the selection of the PRI Professional Training Program. This specialized training consists of four modules, each of one year. Please note that participation in the workshop does not necessarily imply admission to the professional training program.

This introductory workshop is specifically designed to provide:

  • An introduction of the theoretical framework upon which PRI-therapy is based
  • Information about the essence of PRI-therapy and how it differs from most other therapies
  • Explanations about the PRI-method and the most important therapeutic tools.
  • Demonstrations of the most important PRI interventions.
  • Introduction to applying PRI techniques independently through practical exercises in small groups. 

Dates 2020
September 30th, October 1st and 2nd

Online via Zoom

€ 495,00  (0% VAT) 

Group leader
Lenneke van Hastenberg (psychologist, PRI-therapist, -trainer)
With a contribution by Ingeborg Bosch on thursday or friday.

Dutch (or English if there are foreign participants)

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