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Our love, Ingeborg Bosch’s latest book, is available now! An enlightening, meaningful, and above all, optimistic book about how release the inner joy and romance in our relationships.

Cover our Love
  • Read about all the dimensions that play a role in a loving relationship
  • Gain insight in your relationship based on an enlightening relationship test
  • Find out how your past influences the way you perceive your partner
  • And start improving your relationship with practical tools and exercises!

Is lasting love a utopian phantasy?

Although your current relationship problems or doubts seem to suggest otherwise OR you have already tried a lot of things…there is a possible way out. A path that others have successfully gone down before you. A return to your love as it was in that initial ‘in love’ phase; longing for each other, being interested in what the other is doing, enjoying sex, really living life fully, together. Our Love explains in a concrete, captivating and a matter-of-fact way how to achieve this. It seems like a utopian phantasy, but it can be surprisingly simple.

So how do we (re)discover each other?

Our Love gives a clear and inspiring explanation of the dimensions that play a role in a loving relationship. An insightful relationship test will help you and your partner understand the state of your relationship. And it provides practical tools to improve your relationship. For this reason, Our Love is not only an inspiring book, but foremost a practical and optimistic ‘do together book’.
Our Love will show you how we perceive our partner through the lens of our childhood experiences. How we don’t see him or her for what he or she really is. And how we damage our relationship, unconsciously and unintentionally. When we become aware of this fact, we can rediscover each other and the love we started out with.

Ingeborg Bosch over Onze Liefde en relatietherapie 195 x 150Ingeborg Bosch about Our Love

In a short video, Ingeborg Bosch, author of Our Love, will talk about intimacy, trust, abundance, desires, sexuality, your own role and influence and the (im)possibilities of relationship therapy.

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