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Structure of PRI

The structure of PRI

PRI is based on three pillars: cognition, behavior and emotion, and on the ultimate integration of these three pillars into one, during PRI’s last phase: the so-called Dual Consciousness. Attaching more, or less importance to any of these three pillars amounts to an incorrect interpretation of PRI. Such a misunderstanding will affect our healing process in an unfavorable way. The content and application of these cognitive, behavioral and emotional elements of PRI is very specifically defined and unique to PRI and should not be taken for an eclectic combination of the existing cognitive, behavior and regression therapies.

Putting too much of an emphasis on feeling the old pain while not paying enough attention to daily self-observation and to defense reversal in the here and now is not effective. This also holds true for a one-sided focus on PRI’s cognitive aspects: understanding and recognizing the mechanisms at work, but not reversing defenses nor feeling the pain sufficiently. Lastly, an emphasis on defense reversal, without sufficiently recognizing and accessing old pain, also isn’t a useful application of PRI.


 Structure of PRI


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