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Raising our children

Sensing your child’s needs

Interview AD - In a nursery the children are being read a story

With the best of intentions we bypass the true needs of our children. Even in the first years, which specifically determine our children's emotional stability for the rest of their lives. Why this is so and what can we do about it? Psychologist Ingeborg Bosch explains this in her latest book.

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Stress and the Developing Brain


This article is extracted from the National Institute of Mental Health, that conducts research on mental illness. This article is also available in PDF format: Stress and the Developing Brain ( 3 pages, 117KB ).

It is well known that the early months and years of life are critical for brain development. But the question remains: just how do early influences act on the brain to promote or challenge the developmental process? Research has suggested that many both positive and negative experiences, chronic stressors, and various other environmental factors may affect a young child's developing brain. And now, studies involving animals are revealing in greater detail how this may occur.

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