PRI, live life from love, compassion and connection

For whom is PRI?

Who can benefit from PRI?

“PRI & the art of conscious living”

With PRI you can learn to be more balanced and loving in life. A world of difference for yourself and the children around you.

Who can benefit from PRI?

PRI can be used in recurring problems such as :

  • Depression
  • Burn-out
  • Fear and panic disorders
  • Relationship problems
  • Educational issues
  • Awareness of your own childhood baggage in relation to your children
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Addictions (games, alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex etc.)
  • Fear of failure
  • Social phobias
  • Problems around sexuality
  • Jealousy
  • Problems in friendships
  • Situations of loss
  • Feelings of (great) solitude
  • Overweight, problems with weight
  • Aggression, tempers

Often people recognise themselves in one or more of the descriptions, statements or situations below :

  • You do not consider your own needs as very important and you easily put them aside. You are very good in relativizing. You are not very emotional, you have no specific passions and you hide unpleasant feelings by (too much) eating, smoking or working. Addictions are luring in different ways and gradations.
  • You often think that it is the other person who’s wrong or wants to hurt you. You often feel attacked, for example in your current relationship where you are now in a crisis. You suffer from stress symptoms, you have high bloodpressure and often headaches. Your children regularly get on your nerves and you have noticed that you loose your patience with them. Recently you nearly slapped your youngest.
  • You often feel quite down. You are prone to depression, you lack energy or find life roo burdensome.
  • You get anxious quickly and this impedes on your life, privately as well as professionally. You would like to be relaxed for this presentation instead of avoiding it, or enjoying the party or drive your car again.
  • You are always busy going around, you can’t say no, you are doing your utmost in relationships or at work, even it this means total exhaustion. Stress-related problems and burn-out are near by.

Do you recognise yourself in one of these examples? Or in one of the problems of the above-mentioned list? Then it is more than worthwhile to offer yourself a chance to learn more about PRI.

When you are working with PRI you will discover that your problems seem to deal with the present, but that in fact they try to keep away the pain from the past. Without these defense mecanisms the present appears to be surprisingly unburdened.