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About Ingeborg Bosch

About the author

Drs. Ingeborg N. Bosch (1960), born in Iran from Dutch parents, received her ‘Doctoraal-degree’ (comparable to a degree in between a Masters and a PhD.) in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam (1986). During her studies she took Eastern Philosophy as a minor; in particular the teachings of Zen Buddhism, Hua-Yen Buddism and Taoism. The subject of her final research concentrated on Behavior Modification techniques applied to a grade school setting. The results attracted national media attention. Ingeborg was interviewed by the Dutch children’s news and by Tinekede Nooy in her live prime-time talk-show ‘Tineke’ (1986).

After receiving her ‘Doctoraal’ in Psychology, she first worked as an independent career counselor and management consultant, helping both individuals and organizations to trace and apply their true resources. Soon she also developed skills in the field of management consulting, specializing in the development and implementation of organizational change processes.

In 1989 she wrote and presented the Teleac course (the Dutch national educational TV organization) ‘Werk zoeken, werk vinden’ (‘looking for a job, finding a job’). She wrote both the book that accompanied the TV course and the synopsis for the TV and radio broadcasts, as well as presenting the five TV broadcasts.

In the early 1990’s she became more and more engaged in coaching and helping individuals to function in a healthier and happier way. In her life’s quest for ‘that which is really true’ she discovered Alice Miller’s work, while working on processing her own childhood pains. She was so gripped by the ideas in Miller’s books, not just mentally but especially emotionally, that she started working on thebasis of those ideas, focussing increasingly on providing therapy.

When Jean Jenson's book, Reclaiming your Life, was published, Ingeborg Bosch invited Jean Jenson to the Netherlands to do a workshop fortherapists. This meeting had a big impact. Jean taught Ingeborg the therapeutic techniques that formed the basis of her own adapted form of Primal therapy described in her book, which she was practicing at thetime. Being very like-minded Jean and Ingeborg soon became colleagues and an intensive association between the two emerged. While working together on an almost daily basis, it was possible for Ingeborg to develop new insights and theoretical concepts which have now given rise to a fundamentally innovative therapy, Past Reality Integration, or PRI.

At present, operating from the South of France, Ingeborg is exclusively involved with PRI in all its different aspects. Apart from giving therapy and writing books (Rediscovering the True Self 2000, Illusions 2003, Innocent Prisoners 2007, PRI, 3 steps to mastering the Art of Conscious Living 2010), she is dedicated to the training of therapists in order to make PRI increasingly accessible to the larger public. She attaches great importance to the dissemination of insights reagarding children's education; what the emotional needs of children are, how vulnerable children are, as well as the potentially devastating results a ‘well-intentioned’ upbringing can have, both on an individual as well as a societal level. Her book Innocent Prisoners was devoted solely to the needs and upbringing of children.