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PRI Level 1 Practitioner - exclusive program by Ingeborg Bosch in the South of France

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Learn how to apply the basic PRI instruments to heal yourself and others

The PRI Level 1 Practitioner program is an exclusive training given in the South of France in a small group. You’ll have the unique opportunity to benefit from 5 days of teaching by Ingeborg Bosch. The training will be done in English.

In this Level 1 course you will learn:

  • to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level
  • to discover what lies underneath your daily problems
  • to understand the origin of your emotions and how to apply concrete tools that will set you free and how to help others to do the same

Ingeborg Bosch teaches you how to apply the basic PRI instruments. Besides that, she will teach you how you can pass this knowledge on to friends, family and other people in your life.

In this way you can help them to discover what actually lies beneath the problems they are experiencing at the moment. You will be able to offer them a life changing perspective!

During the week Ingeborg will give demonstrations and, together with your fellow students, you will practice applying the PRI instruments to yourself and to each other. Listen to Ingeborg telling about the week herself:


Interesting for you?

The PRI Level 1 Practitioner exclusive program is interesting if you want to learn how you can integrate the basic PRI model in your daily life, and how you can pass it on to others. Therefore it is also a valuable course if you work with people professionally - for example as a coach, counsellor, therapist, psychologist or another type of care giver - and are looking for instruments with which you can help your clients or patients a step further. For instance if they are struggling with:

  • depression and fear
  • relationship problems
  • stress and burnout
  • problems in the raising of children
  • addictions (games, alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, etc.)
  • eating disorders or overweight
  • problems around sexuality
  • distrust
  • aggression and tempers

At the end of this week you will:

  • have gained insight into the working of consciousness and you will be able to explain the theoretical PRI-model to others;
  • understand how defenses are activated by specific situations (symbols) and how to identify them;
  • be able to identify your own defenses and help others to identify theirs;
  • know how to discover the exact link between a symbolic situation in the now and the old reality from your past, and help others to understand the direct link between the present and the past by using the level 1 instruments.

The PRI Level 1 Practitioner - exclusive program will take place from July 2nd - July 6th 2018.
Course fee: 2.650 € (excluding travel, lodging and food costs)
Group size: max. 15 people

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Level 1 Certificate & Level 1 License

Once you have completed the level 1 course, you can decide to certify as a PRI Level 1 practioner by taking the PRI Level 1 exam. The exam consists of:

  • sending in two short recordings in which you apply the level 1 tools
  • a Skype session with your examinator for feedback on your recordings

When you pass the exam, you will receive the PRI Level 1 certificate, with a validity of one year.

The costs for this (optional) exam (certificate included) is €250.

NB If during the Level 1 week you demonstrate a sufficient level of skill according to Ingeborg Bosch, you won’t need to take the official exam and you will be certified immediately.

Once you are a certified Level 1 Practitioner you have the option to purchase a PRI Level 1 Practitioner License. This License gives you the right to be listed on the official PRI website. In this way you will be visibly and officially linked to the group of independent PRI practitioners and therapists. Clients looking for a trained Level 1 Practioner will be able to find you on the site. The license is valid for one year and costs €750. After every year you can decide to renew your certificate and license.

If you don't have the ability to come to France but do want to become a PRI Level 1 Practitioner, the PRI Level 1 Practitioner Online Course might be interesting for you!