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Self Help forms

PRI Self Help Forms

In the table below you will find the available PRI Self Help forms. These forms are part of the steps described by Ingeborg Bosch in her latest book "PRI, 3 steps to mastering the art of conscious living" (e-book since October 3rd 2011, printed book published in March 2012).

These forms are available in two different formats :

  • MS Word: to download, save and fill in on your computer. 
  • PDF: to print and fill in manually. 
table: PRI Self Help forms
Form MS Word PDF
Self Observation form  Phase 1 doc .doc pdf .pdf
Self Observation form 1  Phase 2 doc .doc pdf .pdf
Self Observation form 2  Phase 2 doc .doc pdf .pdf
Defence Reversal form Phase 3 doc .doc pdf .pdf