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Although the PRI method seems to be very effective in clinical practice, we -as PRI therapists- find it very important to engage in scientific research in order to be transparent and open to assessment. By doing so, PRI therapy will become more and more accessible in the future.

Clinical observations in the PRI practices show, amongst others, an increase in the quality of life, which is expressed for example in better relationships with partners and children, more professional satisfaction and a general feeling of well-being.

PRI appears to have very positive effects on emotional moods, irritations, conflicts, stress, feelings of insecurity and inferiority, depression, anxiety and panic disorders, burn-out, problems in relationships, as well as a positive impact on the education of children.

Applying PRI on a daily basis, not only reduces negative emotions but, moreover, considerably increases the quality of life.

After qualitative research, a longitudinal quantitative research has been set up into the effectiveness of PRI therapy. The aim of this research, besides getting insight into client groups, demand for treatment and indications, is to measure specifically the long term effects of PRI therapy. The first results are very promising.

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