PRI, live life from love, compassion and connection

Objective of PRI

The goal of PRI

The goal of PRI is to live in such a conscious way that, in our current life, we can change our reactions to the events that remind us, unconsciously in one way or another, of the past. Reactions that hurt more than they help ourselves or the people around us, and can even be life-threatening. Think of smoking, drinking, using drugs, eating too much, stress etc.

When an event in the present reminds us of an event of long ago, stocked in our emotional brain (the warehouse for emotional memories), our survival mechanism will be unconsciously activated.

By doing this we defend ourselves against the pain linked to this emotionally charged memory. We close our heart and with this the access to feelings like love and compassion.

By reprogramming the emotional brain we can avoid that these unconscious defense reactions take place. We will then be able to react to the present for what is really is and feel what we really need, all the while being more open to the needs of others.

We had been done with the past ourselves, but now the past has also done with us!

Next we can discover who we really are. If we start seeing through the illusions from emotional brain, our true Self – the divine spark in our heart- will start to shine and liberate us from the prison of defense mechanisms and illusions that our spirit had raised.

That is the goal of PRI.


PRI consists of four concrete phases during which the PRI-therapist will teach you how to use the different PRI-tools :

  1. Self observation: when am I under the spell of my emotional brain and living out of destructive defense?

  2. Defense reversal: discover what is hidden behind the defense

  3. Admit feelings: admit the feeling hidden behind the defense, making the defense lose its function

  4. Integration of doing, thinking and feeling

The goal of PRI-therapy is to learn how to apply PRI independently, in order to use the tools whenever you need them.