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Structure phase 4

Structure phase 4

Phase 4 - Dual-Consciousness (cognition, behaviour, emotion)

Dual-Consciousness refers to the last phase of PRI in which we are able to:

  • notice when we are Symbolizing (we can feel old pain come up and identify it as such),
  • know what the Symbol is,
  • know exactly what the pain is that the Symbol brings up and which old reality it is connected to. For example: this is how the child I was felt when so and so did or didn’t do such and such,
  • allow the pain to be in our body without suppressing/defending against it (as we did before PRI therapy) or increasing it (as during Regression) until it subsides by itself, while we stay connected to the present reality and act based not on our defences but on our adult consciousness.

In this fourth phase of PRI, the Dual-Consciousness, the three pillars of PRI – cognition, behaviour, emotion – integrate into one.
This phase ends in theory when all our defences have been dismantled, there are no Symbols anymore, we have integrated all the old pain and we are continuously and permanently in to our Adult Consciousness, completely in touch with the here and now, from an undivided consciousness … This is a goal that most of us might spend a lifetime (or more…) on before reaching it! However, do not let yourself be discouraged, because no matter how far removed this final phase may be, every step on the path towards it is very worthwhile because it will influence our lives and the lives of our loved ones in such a valuable way.

The following movement will develop during a successful PRI process:

  • from ‘Unconsciously being Burdened’:
    We find many problems on our life’s path, but are quite unable to understand or successfully deal with them, to
  • ‘Consciously Being’:
    self-observation provides us with the recognition of and insight into our emotional problems, to
  • ‘Consciously being Burdened’:
    as a result of Defence Reversal and opening up to old pain in regression (so called ‘exposure’) to
  • ‘Consciously being Unburdened’:
    the relief we experience in the state of Dual-Consciousness, when we are able to function in the here and now from an Adult Consciousness, without fighting to keep up our defences with which we had erroneously identified, because we now know that old pain does not need to be fended off, to ultimately
  • ‘Unconsciously being Unburdened’
    More and more areas of our life will become free from the influence of our past. A freedom which often is so complete that it becomes unconscious.

When we are able to experience the Present for what it truly is, it is usually surprisingly Unburdened.