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Structure phase 2

Structure phase 2

Phase 2 - Defence Reversal (behaviour)

After developing a certain skill in observing ourselves and we are fairly able to recognize our defences, we can start reversing our defences every time they are activated. Just as is in phase one, this phase continues as long as necessary. That means that as long as we keep on behaving defensively, the need remains to reverse our defences. In this case too, it is more accurate to speak of a way of life, than of a temporary medicine.

This PRI phase entails a very active engagement with our actual everyday behaviour. In some situations this might lead to applying so-called ‘exposure’. This means that we deliberately expose ourselves to that which we would most like to avoid, in order to gain access to the feelings that are hidden behind our avoidance. As important, Defence Reversal (DR) helps us to misidentify from our defences: to truly acknowledge on a deep cognitive and feeling level that we don’t need to defend ourselves anymore and that this idea is an illusion that keeps us imprisoned.

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