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PRI Relationship Intensive

The aim of a PRI Relationship Intensive is to retrieve the love in the relationship.
We work in a group of four couples. You will do the exercises with your own partner. You will only share what you want to share with the other participants. During the Relationship Intensive, no explicit PRI work will be done (regressions, etc.)

The Intensive will cover the following:

  • Understand what works well and where the problems are in your relationship
  • Discover how the past impacts the present in your relationship
  • How this is reflected in daily interactions
  • Practical tools to apply on a daily basis
  • Follow-up: an action plan for applying the new knowledge independently

Based on extensive experience, we can confidently say that the result of working in groups is decisive for the process of each couple and that the effect is many times greater than that of individual Relationship Intensives. That is why we only offer Relationship Intensives in a group setting.

In addition, the fact that everybody stays, cooks and eats together, in a beautiful villa, each couple with their own room and bathroom, appears to re-inforce the impact of the week. Therefore, this is part of the set-up.

Group leader
Ingeborg Bosch. The sessions take up all day, over five consecutive days, Monday to Friday.

Drôme (26) South of France. (1 hour from Lyon airport, 20 min. from Valence TGV station, 1000 km from Utrecht)

Dates 2020
Week 10 2-6 march
Week 50 7-11 december

€ 2.640,00 per couple (fee 2020). The fee for the Intensive therapy does not include travel and accommodation. You will need to make your own travel arrangements. The stay will be organized by us. You will stay in a shared villa, the rate is € 300- € 450 per couple depending on the season (rate 2020).

The application process is a thorough process. It will take you some time. If you are sure that you want to apply, then click ‘apply’. Would you prefer to contact a therapist first? This is also possible!


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Good to know:

  • To participate in the Relationship Intensive, it is necessary that at least one of you already has some knowledge of and experience with PRI. That means you should already have read some books and have done (at least) some individual sessions with a PRI therapist.
  • Besides you recording the sessions, the week will also be recorded for educational purposes. Naturally, this material will be used only within the context of PRI training for relationship therapy. Privacy is guaranteed. This way you will help ensure that other therapists will be able to disseminate this beautiful work.
  • The house where you are staying, is about a 10 minutes’ drive from the location where the Intensive takes place. You will need to arrange for your own local transportation.
  • Previous participants’ experience has shown that - if possible – it is enjoyable and even more helpful to plan a week’s vacation together, following the Relationship Intensive. You will be able to digest, process and discuss everything that has surfaced during the Intensive and give it a place.
  • You can also choose PRI Relationship Therapy with a therapist trained by Ingeborg Bosch. In that case you can start immediately. A combination of the two is also possible.

The therapy location:

PRI Grane 1PRI Grane 2PRI Grane 3

Domaine Vincenti, where you stay during the Relationship Intensive week:

Vincenti 1Vincenti 2Vincenti 3