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PRI therapy options

We are happy to provide you the information about the various forms of PRI therapy that are available.
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PRI Intensive Therapy

PRI Intensive Relationship Therapy

Individual PRI therapy

PRI Relationship Therapy

Personal PRI coaching

PRI Self Help Coaching as described in "PRI, 3 steps to mastering the art of conscious living 

The application for PRI therapy is a thorough process. It will take you some time to answer the questions in the application form. If you are sure you want to apply, please click ‘apply’. Would you prefer to contact a therapist first? This is also possible!

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Good to know:

  • For the sake of clarity: only therapists who are listed on this website have followed the official training to become a PRI therapist or are in an advanced stage of training.
  • Please note that PRI-therapy sessions can very well take place by telephone or via skype. However, it is preferable that you meet the PRI-therapist for one or more sessions but if this is not possible, the therapy can start directly by phone or via skype. You can contact the PRI-therapist of your choice for more information.
  • It will be very beneficial if you thoroughly read Rediscovering the True Self”, "Illusions" and/or "PRI, 3 steps to mastering the art of conscious living" before you enter into therapy. This is regardless of the form of therapy you choose. The cognitive part of the therapy is very important for your healing process, as well as getting in touch with your feelings.
  • We advise you to carefully read the different steps-to-follow and the contra-indications before submitting your request.