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PRI - 3 steps to mastering the art of conscious living

Cover_EN_boek_mei_11Ingeborg Bosch

Edited by Hay House Publishers - London (UK)

The e-book of the English edition "PRI - three steps to mastering the art of conscious living" is available through the English and American Amazon websites, as well as through the i-book store.

The printed version is available in bookshops and on the internet.

You can find a brochure here or read the preface by Marc Luykcx.

Through this practical and simple approach, Ingeborg Bosch succeeds in showing how we can free ourselves from the labyrinth of often confusing and sometimes painful emotions that stem from the past. She lets us discover that life doesn't have to be as difficult as we are often prone to believe. Following precise steps, we can find the 'code' to reprogram our emotional brain. This leads to a liberating breakthrough in our daily lives and helps us fundamentally in our spiritual growth.