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PRI Relationship Therapy application

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Step 1. Identify possible contra-indications for each of you.
Firstly, on the basis of the list of contra-indications, check whether it would be preferable for a certified therapist to be in charge of your request for help. If you recognize things in the list of contra-indications, great care is required. In that case it is better to start a therapy with a certified PRI therapist. Although PRI might be suitable to treat these problems, treatment will demand considerable experience of the therapist. If you recognize one or more contra-indications, we recommend you contact a certified therapist.

Step 2. Together, select a PRI therapist
You can select a certified therapist or therapist in training based on region, availability and language.

Step 3. Both take the Personal Defense Profile test independently

Step 4. Both fill out the application form independently
The both of you need to answer all the questions on the application form. We realize this is no small feat. But remember that the information you provide will help us to accurately evaluate your request for help, which is vital for the course of the therapy. Also, look at the diligence clause at the bottom of the form. This clause serves to protect the interests of both the therapist and the client. Before you start filling out, we recommend you accept the cookies and write down your scores on the Personal Defense Profile Test (you will need them in the application).

Step 5. Both send in the application form
Your application will be sent directly through the website to the therapist of your choice. Your form will be sent through a secured procedure. Your information will be treated in strict confidence, also with regard to your partner. Nobody will see your information except for the therapist you have selected and, if necessary, Ingeborg Bosch.

Good to know

  • On average, within three days after receipt of your request, the therapist of your choice will contact you via email or by phone.
  • After the first contact with the therapist, usually an intake interview can be scheduled within 3 weeks.
  • Reading one or more books written by Ingeborg Bosch before you start a PRI process will have a positive effect on the therapy: Rediscovering the true Self, PRI 3 steps to mastering the art of conscious living and possibly Illusions.