PRI, live life from love, compassion and connection


PRI, Live life fully

Past Reality Integration, PRI in short, helps you to live your life fully in the now. The clear, detailed model will show you how your past negatively impacts your present life. But, more importantly, PRI will give you the possibility to remove these blockages, with effective techniques and practical tools, that you can apply independently.

The key lies within yourself

That is the key to a life without defenses. A life connected to yourself, the other and your surroundings. From your heart, in love and with passion. Creative and energized. Independent and confident. PRI helps you find that key and above all, to use it autonomously!

Take your future in your own hands

It is time to let go of the past. Stop the negative experiences that create emotional blockages. Such as depression and depressed feelings, burnout and desensitization, addiction, sexual and relationship problems, feelings of guilt and shame, anxiety, anger, stress and fear.

PRI is for everybody

Maybe you are experiencing pressing emotional blockages and you need the urgent support of a therapist. Or you may want to learn how to live a lighter and more free life. For professionals, PRI is a way to support their clients even better.

Take the next step

We invite you to experience how PRI can help you. No matter what your situation, we want the best for you. Out of the profound conviction that we are all born to live life fully.

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