PRI, leben aus Liebe, Mitgefühl und Verbundenheit

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   Ingeborg Bosch
   ISBN: 9789080704923
   € 24,99

Illusions, how to escape the labyrinth of destructive emotions


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In this sequal to The rediscovery of the true self, Ingeborg Bosch touchingly describes how destructive emotions make life more difficult than it needs to be. Using clear examples, Bosch explains how we can overcome this illusory suffering. She gives us the key to escape the labyrinth of these sometimes overwhelming and incomprehensible feelings and thoughts, and she brings us a step closer to emotional harmony. 

Readers' quotes

"There are a lot of selfhelp books that can touch you, that help you understand who you really are. There are, however, few that also provide you with concrete and effective tools to get there. This book is one of them."

"Never before I found such a clear workbook (because that is what it is, really) in which the founder of PRI shares her method in such detail, and makes it so applicable."

"A waterproof method that is applicable time and time again, and with a transforming result."

"A truly life changing experience!"